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Ames Amateur Radio Club


What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio is very different from “C.B.” Amateur Radio operators must pass a Federal examination and be issued a Federal license, which grants them “operating privileges” - such as the right to use high power transmitters (over a thousand watts), different modes (such as voice, digital, Morse code, and even television), and thousands of frequencies. Furthermore, those Amateur Radio operators who are members of Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) are trained in emergency communications (and related skills) and are Registered Disaster Service Workers (DSWs). Members of ARES have very diverse backgrounds - but share the common goal of assisting when called upon by their communities.

What is the Ames Amateur Radio Club all about?

The Ames Amateur Radio Club (AARC) provides a matrix of related services, technologies, people, skills, equipment, opportunities, and resources to those interested in, or desiring to benefit from, radio based communications technologies for educational, public service, emergency communications, and recreational purposes. Members of the club are available to guide newcomers, and enjoy sharing their knowledge about amateur radio.

Club members also support a wide variety of HF, VHF, and UHF communications modes for educational and recreational purposes as well as provide voluntary public service and emergency communications support to Ames, Santa Clara County, and special events occurring on the Moffett Field complex.

The AARC is coordinated with the Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System (SVECS at, an ARES/RACES association.

The club station, NA6MF, is affiliated with the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL)

Some of the activities, interests, services, and service areas currently supported in the Ames Amateur Radio Club matrix include,

• Emergency Communications • Special event communication support
• Licensing & training classes

• International voice & data communications (HF)

• Communication Contesting • Radio Direction Finding (RDF)
• Short Wave Listening (SWL) • Low power transmission (QRP)
Amateur Television (ATV) Digital communications by radio (Packet)
• Moon Bounce Communications • Radio project design and construction
• Radio Repeaters • Remote radio control (airplanes, boats, helicopters, etc.)
Radio astronomy • Scanners and frequency scanning
Retransmission of Shuttle Audio Scientific Amateur Radio EXperiment (SAREX)
• Individual radio interests and experiments • Orbiting Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio (OSCAR)
• Antenna & radio station design/installation • Radio safety & operations

Dues are $12.00 per year, and include access to the AARC radio station (NA6MF) and other club resources, and the club newsletter, Ham Chronicles.

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Who is welcome?

Although the club is primarily intended to support NASA Ames Research Center employees and retirees, and Moffett Federal Airfield employees, including contractors and tennants, it also supports all those members of the local community who are interested in amateur radio.

Do I have to be a Ham to join?

No, we welcome all who are interested in amateur radio; if you are not yet a ham, we will help you become one.

Who can help me become familiar with all the equipment?

Members of the club are available to guide newcomers, and enjoy sharing their knowledge about amateur radio.

When do you meet and where?

The club meets at 12:00 noon on the third Thursday of each month at the AARC shack. Visitors, including non-licensed, are always welcome.

The club holds its weekly radio net every Tuesday at Noon on 145.585 MHz (simplex).

Members and visitors alike are invited and welcome to check-in. Check in tallys and late or missed check ins are reported to the Santa Clara County ARES/RACES net Tuesday evenings at 8:00PM on 146.115MHz (+) PL: 100 Hz.

For more information on the AARC, or to become a member, contact:

Mark Allard, KD6CWM, at (650) 604-6145 or email

AARC Webpage Editor: Michael Wright, K6MFW, at (650) 604-6262 or email

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