Painting titled, 'The S.O.S.' showing a distressed looking ship captain and a radio operator tapping the morse code S-O-S.

HF Radio at Sea

Richard Mogford

May 19, 2005

This webpage was derived from the Powerpoint slides by Richard Mogford. website editor

Modes of Marine Radio Communication

Picture of commercial VHF marine radio, a cellphone, and amateur HF band radio.


Uses for HF Radio

Photo from early 1900s showing wireless telegraphy cabin on the S.S. Chindwin.


What is Needed

Photos from the early days of shipboard radio. 30 kilowatt Federal Telegraph arc transmitter with helix (left photo). Operator sending a wireless message. The 'click' of the ordinary telegraph is heard as deafening crash (upper right photo). 'Marconi Man' and his instruments (lower right photo).


What is Needed

Photo showing a commercial marine HF radio and a amateur band HF radio.


What is Needed

Photo of a Icom AT-140 automatic antenna tuner.


What is Needed

Picture of a vertically mounted HF antenna.


What is Needed

Picture of a Pactor-controller HF modem.



Diagram showing HF radio interconnecting with Modem, Laptop, USB/Serial, PTT, Ant. Coax, Autotuner, Interface Control, Ground, and Antenna.


Navigation and Radio Station

Photo showing a HF Modem, SSB Radio, Radar, and GPS receiver inside cabin of sailboat.


Navigation and Radio Station

Photo showing laptop computer with displayed map from chart software.


Services for Email


Services for Email

Picture showing displayed screen of the Winlink 2000 homepage.


Services for Email

Picture showing displayed screen of the Sailmail homepage.


Software for Email


Software for Email

Picture showing displayed screen of Settings windows to enter Call Sign, Position, Modem, and Radio Control.


Software for Email

Picture showing displayed screen of email window with lists of email messages.


Software for Email

Picture showing displayed screen of email message body. This terminal window showing, Calls to shore station, Messages to send/receive, Sign on from shore station, Connected!, and Disconnect.


Software for Email

Picture showing displayed screen of Propagation window.


Ham vs. Marine SSB Licenses

HF [SSB] Ham Frequencies

Marine SSB Frequencies

Channel 4 MHz Band KHz Channel 6 MHz Band KHz Channel 8 MHz Band KHz Channel 12 MHz Band KHz
4A 4146 6A 6224 8A 8294 12A 12,353
4B 4149 6B 6227 8B 8297 12B 12,356
4C 4417 6C 6230     12C 12,359
      6516 (daytime only)     12D 12,362
            12E 12,365

for Mississippi River 


for Mississippi River


for Mississippi River


12,362 12,365
for Mississippi River

Channel 16 MHz Band KHz Channel 18/19 MHz Band KHz Channel 22 MHz Band KHz Channel 25/26 MHz Band KHz
16A 16,528 18A 18,825 22A 22,159 25A 25,100
16B 16,531 18B 18,828 22B 22,162 25B 25,103
16C 16,534 18C 18,831 22C 22,165 25C 25,106
16D 16,537 18D 18,834 22D 22,168 25D 25,109
16E 16,540 18E 18,837 22E 22,171 25E 25,112
for Mississippi River
18F 18,840 22F 22,174 25F 25,115
for Mississippi River
18G 18,843 22G 22,177 25G 25,118


Marine Nets

Picture of table listing time schedules and frequencies of various marine radio nets.


Position Reports

Webpage showing various boat positions and other data in the Pacific Ocean.


Position Reports

Webpage showing Winlink boat position report. Image shows callsign KG4AYO just off the coast of South America.


Weather Data

Webpage showing weather map downloaded from Winlink.


Local Weather Forecasts

Click on image for larger view (use Back Button to return).

Webpage showing text of local weather forecast.


Steps to Installing HF Radio


Steps to Installing HF Radio

Jack Binns photographed in 1908 in his uniform of a English Marconi ship operator.





Early 1900 photograph showing a radio operator.