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Made In Space — Access to Space for Everyone
3D Printer on the International Space Station and new initiatives.

February 19, 2015

Ames Amateur Radio Club activity during Open House
October 18, 2014

    Ames Amateur Radio Club members worked with Disaster Assistance Rescue Team, DART, (or DART communications, DARTCOM) display at the Open House. This was a portion of DARTCOM’s assets that can be deployed in event of a disaster. All equipment can relatively be setup quickly in the field, typical buildings may be unsafe after a major earthquake. DARTCOM assets can also be deployed other places besides Ames when requested such as relief efforts after a hurricane.

    Club members who volunteered used AARC simplex frequency 146.445 MHz to keep in touch with each other. They also helped coordinate activities and pass situation awareness messages. ARES/RACES was not activated. A few messages were received and passed on to event personnel such as lines at Caltrain station in Mountain View were two hours long to board the bus, southbound highway 101 completely blocked, certain gates were closed (if they were opened it would relieve foot traffic).

    We stressed to other amateur radio operators that in case of an emergency, they should call 9-1-1 or 650-604-5555 instead of calling on the club frequency. AARC members (if they happen to be listening) would have to contact emergency personnel, and relay of information to authorities can add additional delay.

    In recognition of the value added role Amateur Radio provides in expanding situational awareness at large public events, amateur radio operators were allowed to bring their amateur radios on site.


Image showing DARTCOM display tents with flyaway Ku-band dish antenna at Open House at Ames. Image showing people gathered under tents of DARTCOM display at Open House at Ames. Image showing large crowds on streets of Ames Research Center.

Above photos show DARTCOM display featuring flyaway Ku-band dish antenna, crowds gathered under tents of displays, large crowds on streets of Ames Research Center.

Image showing sunrise of Moffett Field with Ellis Street Gate in background. Image showing large crowds on streets of Ames Research Center. Image showing sunset of Moffett Field with Ellis Street Gate in background.

Also seen here is sunrise at Moffett Field, and sunset (note the car headlights as attendees leave the airfield where they parked. Ellis St entrance in the background.

HF Antenna Analyser Kit
September 18, 2014 AARC meeting
Image showing HF Antenna Analyser Kit

Slow Scan TV from ISS on August 27

WaveNode and sensors used for taking RF measurements
August 21, 2014 AARC meeting

SPROUT SSTV Active on 437.600 MHz FM

HF Radio at Sea
May 15, 2014 AARC meeting
Image showing Richard's sailboat with antennas

SporeSat Operational, Beacon Scrubbed

April 17 AARC 12 noontime Meeting:
Megabit Packet Radio in Santa Clara County: Status and Roadmap

Image showing laptop used for SJEWN and VOIP phone

Feb 20 AARC Meeting: AX25 Protocol, Packet and APRS, Round Table
Image of 'Basic Elements of Packet Radio' illustrated by Mark KI6DHU

TechEdSat3P to be deployed from ISS on November 20, 2013

PhoneSats Launch Dates: Nov 19, 2013 and Feb 11, 2014

AARC at Clubs Happy Hour, November 13, 2013 at Ames cafeteria

Say “Hi” to the JUNO spacecraft with your 10 Meter Rig

NASA Announces Fifth Round of CubeSat Space Mission Candidates

Amateur Radio Participation in LADEE Lunar Science

Science Today for Tomorrow, Saturday August 24 at Moffett Building 3

ISS Slow Scan TV now active

W6CMU Wireless Innovators Page

PhoneSats Successful, April 2013

TechEdSat Cubesat jettison from ISS, October 27, 2012
Artist's image of TechEdSat cube satellite

ARISSat-1 Amateur Radio Satellite No Longer In Orbit Images of ID banner and of earth from SSTV transmissions from ARISSat-1

Space Shuttle Retransmission (click here)

AARC at Yuri’s Night (click here)

America’s Final Space Shuttle Launch Event Station
organized by Carl Zelich, AA4MI Photo of STS-135 commander Chris Ferguson examines N4S certificate

STS-135 External Tank to Transmit Video During Re-Entry

O/OREOS Science Satellite with Amateur Radio Packet
Photo of O/OREOS satellite presentation on launch day at Ames Exploration Center

AARC Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) Station
Photo of EME antennas and equipment at the AARC shack.

Field Day 2009, Saturday June 27 at AARC Shack

Great Worden Quake II, Nov 5, 6 2008

by David Hartzell AF6KD

April 12: AARC at Yuri’s Night

February 15, 2007 AARC Meeting

Emergency Wireless Network
January 18, 2007 AARC Meeting

Interactions between ARES/RACES, City and County Governments
April 20, 2006

Disaster Service Worker (DSW) Registration
March 16, 2006

Ames Amateur Radio Club Officer Election for 2006

Delbert Philpott (WA6YOQ) - Silent Key

Amateur Television, AARC June 16, 2005 Meeting

HF Radio at Sea, AARC May 19, 2005 Meeting

Amateur Radio Exhibit at Moffett Airshow on May 29-30, 2004

Amateur Radio Exhibit at Moffett Airshow on September 13-14, 2003

Coax Cable Loss

AARC March 21 2002 Lunchtime Seminar
California Disaster Service Worker (DSW) Program and Communications

AARC Shack Straighten-up
by Mark Allard, KD6CWM

Ham Radio on The Space Station

FCC set to authorize MURS

AARC Shack Transfer
by Mark Allard, KD6CWM

Space Weather News for Oct. 25, 2000

Expedition One Launch & Docking

Ham Equipment Delivered to Space Station
from The ARRL Letter (, September 20, 2000

Solar Storm Effects
from Clif Horne, WS6G

RF safety rules now in force for all amateurs
ARRL Bulletin 37 ARLB037
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT September 1, 2000
To all radio amateurs:

Communications for Exploration: Field Tests

Bruce Gilbaugh, KD6HWZ, will spend some time near the north pole in July. He is involved with the communications setup during July as part of NASA Ames' collaborations with other groups on telemedicine and mission operations in the remote area of area of the Haughton Crater. When Bruce returns, he will give a presentation about his adventures. Below are some sites and info links that others might be curious about in relation to Bruce's trip.

Haughton-Mars Project 2000 (Code S) at

Mars Society web site at

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