NASA on the Air (NOTA) featured in May 2022 issue of “Astrogram”

Bob Granath, KSC, and Desiree Baccus, ARC, wrote this article, “Celebrating NASA Milestones ‘NASA on the Air’ (NOTA) Spreads Enthusiasm Globally Through Amateur Radio” in the May 2022 issue of Astrogram:

Scott Reiff, KB7JWM, NASA Ames SBIR employee representing the Ames Amateur Radio Club, NA6MF, for their NASA on the Air (NOTA) Special Event from a remote mountain top site near the Pine Mountain Observatory, Bend, Oregon.
Credits: Ames Research Center – Ames Amateur Radio Club (AARC)
Desiree Baccus, N3DEZ, talks with NASA Associate Administrator, Robert Cabana, KC5HBV, about Amateur Radio on the ISS and ongoing NASA on the Air (NOTA) activities with NASA Ames Deputy Center Director, Carol W. Carroll at the Space Symposium conference, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Left photo: Carl Baccus, KM6HRW is working on the setting up the “perfectly resonate” Wolf River Coil, & Alex Loop antennas for the remote stations for the Ames Amateur Radio Club for NASA on the Air (NOTA) Special Event commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 16 Mission from Daniel’s Park in Castle Pines, Colorado. Right photo: Colton Jones, a Colorado Snow Crew Mechanic Shop Manager, stopped by to give amateur radio a try under the guidance of NASA Ames Radio Operator, Desiree Baccus, N3DEZ. Colton has seen that amateur radio is an important part of communications for his overlanding (vehicular off-road camping) hobby and wanted to learn more about it.
Left to Right – AARC Vice President, Matthew Kilkerr, KN4GWY, setting up an antenna. Stephen Kuryla, KK6FKD, Ames Amateur Radio Club (AARC) NOTA Committee member, Greg Lose, N6MSN, and Moffett Field Community of Interest (COI) members from LTA Research, at the AARC station operating NOTA field stations supporting the event.