BAEARS January 14, 2023 Ham Class

The BAEARS “ham cram” test sessions have a consistently high success rate for Technician class licenses and can be a focused means to get your Technician license or an upgrade.

Flyer attached for their next session on January 14, 2023.

Set a goal now to start the New Year becoming more “Radio Active”.

The Ames Amateur Radio Club (AARC) is available with resources and like interested people to support your Amateur Radio interests, exposure, and activity.

73 (Best regards),

Mark Allard
(650) 269-7991

At the previous session in San Bruno, CA we had an 80.95% pass rate for new licensees. 17 out of 21 who participated in the session received their Technician class license. 4 upgrades to General and 3 to Extra were earned.

Our next session will be in San Francisco on Saturday January 14,2023.  For more information and reservations (required) please go to our website at:  Click on the “Session Info” link for information about the session and then click on “Upcoming Sessions” link.  If the class doesn’t show, click the “load more” button.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone that is interested.  I have also attached a flyer for your convenience.

Ross Peterson