About Us

The Ames Amateur Radio Club (AARC), chartered in 1984, exists to provide a matrix of services, technologies, skills, equipment, opportunities, and resources for those at the Moffett Federal Airfield (California), and in the local community, who are interested in amateur radio.


The Ames Amateur Radio Club (AARC) provides a matrix of related services, technologies, people, skills, equipment, opportunities, and resources to those interested in, or desiring to benefit from, radio based communications technologies for educational, public service, emergency communications, and recreational purposes. Members of the club are available to guide newcomers, and enjoy sharing their knowledge about amateur radio.

Club members also support a wide variety of HF, VHF, and UHF communications modes for educational and recreational purposes as well as provide voluntary public service and emergency communications support to Ames, Santa Clara County, and special events occurring on the Moffett Field complex.

The AARC is coordinated with the Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System (SVECS at http://www.svecs.net), an ARES/RACES association. AARC cooperates with other ARES organizations in the Santa Clara County, http://www.scc-ares-races.org

The club station, NA6MF, is affiliated with the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) http://www.arrl.com.