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Simplex Net: 146.445 MHz        Repeater: 145.250 MHz, minus offset, tone 123.0
Special Events including NASA-TV audio 146.490 MHz
Ames Amateur Radio Club meets every third Thursday 12 noon at the AARC “shack.”

Getting a License | Net Control Script | DARTCOM

Last Update: July 23, 2020

Join the AARC (both contractor and civil servant eligible), click here
You don’t need to be licensed to be a club member (but we will help you get a license).

To subscribe to the AARC mailing list, go to
Mailing list is limited to NASA personnel (civil servant and contractors), some exceptions considered but limited.

AARC Tuesday Nets are on AA6BT Repeater

Until further notice the AARC Tuesday Noontime Net is on 146.115+, PL 100.0 (AA6BT repeater) instead of simplex frequency 146.445

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