Tactical channels are considered for ARES and RACES activities, “Event” is used for special purposes such as club meetings, NASA-TV re-transmissions. Command is AARC’s repeater, and two packet frequencies are used with County and city EOC message handling.

AARC Tuesday Nets are on AA6BT Repeater at 12 noon

Until further notice the AARC Tuesday Noontime Net is on 146.115+, PL 100.0 (AA6BT repeater) instead of simplex frequency 146.445

NameFrequency (MHz)
AA6BT Repeater146.115 / + / PL 100.0
Simplex Net146.445
Repeater443.600 / + / PL 100.0
Tactical 1146.445
Tactical 2146.505
Tactical 3146.550
Tactical 4147.465
Events & NASA TV Retransmission146.490
Command NA6MF443.600 / – / PL 100.0
Packet 220 (Primary)223.540
Packet 2M (Secondary)145.750
AARC Frequencies