Net Control Script

Ames Amateur Radio Club Net Control Script

Until further notice the AARC Tuesday Noontime Net is on 146.115+, PL 100.0 (AA6BT repeater) instead of simplex frequency 146.445

Last update: May 24, 2022

Following is a script for the weekly AARC Tuesday 12 Noon net on 146.445 MHz simplex. If no net control operator is on the air at designated time, anyone willing to participate can become net control. This is a recommended script and procedure to conduct the net.

“This is [your call sign], Net control operator for the Ames Research Center ARES Net. This Net is held weekly on Tuesdays at 1200 hours on 146.445 simplex. The purpose of this Net is to maintain a crew of trained amateur radio operators to provide backup communications where needed. This is a directed Net however, this net may be broken at any time for emergency traffic.“

Wait about 5 seconds to hear for any emergency traffic and offer help to the person calling.

“The Net is now open for AARC member check-ins. If you have any announcements, please advise as you check in.”

Acknowledge each check-in by repeating their call sign — keep a list to record the total.

“Are there any relays of AARC members which have not been acknowledged?”

Wait for AARC member relays.

“The Net is now open for visitor check-in. We welcome all such visitors, and strongly encourage their participation in the Net discussion that will follow check-in. Visitors, please check in now.”

Acknowledge any visitors by repeating their call sign — record to the list, and thank them for checking in.

“Are there any relays of visitor check-ins which have not been acknowledged?”

Wait for visitor relays.

“Is there any after-Net traffic requested? If so, please give your call sign now and state the nature of your traffic.”

Coordinate any such after-Net traffic: for instance, if an after-Net conversation with another ham is requested, verify that the other ham knows the frequency and time for the contact.

“Being the control operator for the weekly AARC Net is an important part of the Net’s mission to provide trained amateurs. I encourage each AARC member to gain experience as Net control. If there are any volunteers to take Net control next week, please give your call sign now.”

Acknowledge volunteer and thank them.

“Are there any late or missed check-ins for both members and visitors?”

Acknowledge check-ins by repeating their callsigns and record to the list.

Later at 8 pm, total number of AARC check-ins are to be given to SVECS net on the AA6BT repeater on 146.115+, PL 100.0. If you are unable to report to SVECS Net, call for someone to report the numbers.

“I encourage everyone to listen to the SVECS Net tonight (Tuesday) at 2000 hours and to participate in the section training net at 2030 hours on the AA6BT repeater (146.115, plus offset, PL 100). The formal Net is now closed. The informal Net is now open for general discussion.”

Offer any information that may be of interest to the members. Ask if there is any news that members and/or visitors would like to announce. Remember, this is a public Net, don’t talk about personal or club business that would not be proper for general distribution. However, you are encouraged to talk about upcoming meetings, events, etc, that are general amateur radio interest.

There may be additional late check-ins, acknowledge them and had to total number of AARC check-ins.

When this is complete, close the Net with the following statement.

“The NASA AARC Net is now closed. Good afternoon. This is [your call sign].”


Log Sheet (there are tally sheets in the AARC Net Control Operator binder)

Ames Amateur Radio Club Net Check-Ins

Net Control Operator: _____________________________

Date: ________________   Time: ________________

NameCallsignMemberVisitorComments / Messages / Bulletins

Example Check-ins Template

Grand Total: ________

Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System Net Check-In

SVECS net is every Tuesday at 8 pm (2000 hrs) on the AA6BT repeater on 146.115+, PL 100.0. Net control will make announcements for meetings and various officials to check in, then will ask for each city to report their number of check-ins. NASA Ames is considered a city as part of ARES/RACES for Santa Clara County. SVECS website is at

When net control operator announces, “We will now poll the cities for a count of their check-ins” and then will later ask, “Number of check-ins for NASA Ames?” At this point, you will announce,

“NASA Ames had _____ check-ins today. This is [your call sign].”

Congratulations… You have just performed the net control task!

Questions? Ask Mark Allard, KD6CWM, at